People Are Your Biggest Asset

A wise person once told me when you employ someone, employ a person who is better than you. This way your business gets better employees who are professional, knowledgeable, and have a good work ethic.

That wise person was my late husband, Paul Berryman. Paul was a good communicator and a very good real estate salesperson. Not only do people know him from sales but also from our cherry tomato farm and the other various business that he started, like Mr. Sweep and Mr. Waterbed, but real estate was his passion. His real estate career lasted around 20 years so there was plenty of time there to develop his skills.

Today I love that my girls knew Paul, they know that like me he was a hard worker, but liked to have fun at the same time, otherwise what is life for?

I’ve known Vanessa for over 25 years, we worked in a pharmacy together and I was her boss then and am proud to say she is now a very good friend who happens to work for me. Vanessa is very passionate about property management and very skilled, she has a way of getting everything done in the shortest amount of time. We would like her to stop and smell the roses now and again! Vanessa was employed by Paul to be our cold calling girl when we were starting the business and she is very good at this. She is a very smart lady with a passion now just like mine for property management.

Clair came to work for me a couple of years ago now and she also was employed by Paul, but in our old real estate office about 15 years ago. Clair is bright and bubbly with a passion for helping people into properties. She loves looking after the people and the property. Clair is also now a dear friend and aunty to our two office mini Dachshunds, Bosley and Moke. Clair is making big strides in building up the business in Wellington and the Hutt Valley. ‘

Jaymie is joining us shortly and although I employed her I know Paul would approve. She is smarter than the average bear and gutsy which property management demands. Jaymie will fit right in like she has been with us for years and the office will never be boring (not that it ever is now). 

Business is all about people and you have got to look after what is your business’s biggest asset.  We like to think we are very good at what we do, but very good to work with. You do get your Property Manager for your property but behind her is a team and a support network like no other in property management.

So come and get to know us, checking out our Google reviews is a great place to start.

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